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Betabit and YieldDD Add Software Intelligence from CAST to Complement Their Software Due Diligence Offering

Paris and Rotterdam – 10/19/2020. CAST, the Software Intelligence category leader, today announced a partnership with Betabit and YieldDD. Two consulting firms, both member of the Betabit Group, specializing in software due diligence, development and training. This partnership will provide clients with enhanced insight into large technology portfolios and deliver the objective metrics needed for informed decision-making.

"The world's most successful companies run on software. And the best business-critical software isn't pulled out of the hat. To make sure you have the best software you need to accurately understand what’s inside of it. That’s exactly where CAST, Betabit and YieldDD complement each other."  Luc Gimbrère, CEO

Software Intelligence from the CAST “MRI for Software” enables Betabit and YieldDD to execute rapid and efficient analysis on the source code of the target software, evaluating software health, risks, complexity and cost. It also assesses the readiness of business-critical applications for Cloud migration and use of Cloud native services; identifies open source and third-party vulnerabilities and IP risks; and detects data privacy issues hiding in the software.

“With more than 25 years of experience analyzing the condition of complex custom-build applications, the ‘MRI for Software’ from CAST delivers unprecedented visibility into complex enterprise software systems,” said Alexandre Charlet, General Manager of Northern Europe at CAST. “We are excited to partner with Betabit and YieldDD, adding their deep business acumen and technical insight to form a complete, packaged offering that helps organizations reduce risk and cost.”

Betabit and YieldDD now leverages CAST Highlight to enhance its existing offerings around software due diligence, with facts that help clients understand the condition of their software as a strategic enabler to the business. Making it easier to visualize what IT changes can be made to build the spine for a truly digital business.


About CAST
CAST is the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence, providing insight into the structural condition of software assets. CAST technology is renowned as the most accurate “MRI for Software”, which delivers actionable insights into software composition, architectures, database structures, critical flaws, quality grades, cloud readiness levels and work effort metrics. It is used globally by thousands of forward-looking digital leaders to make objective decisions, accelerate modernization and raise the security and resiliency of mission critical software. Visit castsoftware.com.

About YieldDD
YieldDD specializes in software due diligence. We, as IT experts at heart, help you understand the potential risks associated with the software. We help prevent software failures. Failures that will lead to a huge loss of revenue, productivity and reputation. YieldDD conducts in-depth research, provides comprehensive diagnostics, and presents findings as well as solutions. With software due diligence, you can fully grasp the consequences of your potential investment. No more hidden surprises.
YieldDD and Virtual Vaults are proud members of the Betabit Group. Our specialized teams, a total of 250 professionals, provide a unique mix of expertise and experience in the field of M&A and software. Visit https://www.yielddd.com

About Betabit
Betabit specializes in software development, quality measurement and training. We develop the best business-critical, custom software that make our customers – software-driven organizations in all industries – successful. With more than 10 years of Azure experience and 250 professionals, we are the market leader in software development on the Microsoft Azure platform in the Netherlands. High-end Azure services are combined with agility, intelligence and DevOps tooling. Furthermore, Betabit offers a training and skill programs for our customers to maintain their high standards of development. In the end, it’s all about the quality of the software and the people who develop it. Visit https://www.betabit.nl/nl